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Pro Encaustic Pen


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Encaustic Pen

Apply wax in a controlled manner using the Hot Craft Hobby Pro Encaustic Pen. The kit includes 8 versatile tips: pen, pointy, wire brush, steel wire brush, large iron, small iron, large round, and small round, and a universal tip handle. Each tip allows you to enhance your work in unique ways – draw, write, outline fine details, and many more. The dual power feature gives you more control, whether you need less powerful heat for the tiny details or more heat for larger painting. Either way, you won’t be disappointed!
• 5/10-Watt Power
• Contains: Encaustic Pen, 6 pcs Tips, 4 pcs Wax Blocks, 5 pcs Special Encaustic Paper (A6), Instruction Manual.
• This product conforms to IEC electrical product safety.

*Please choose the correct voltage and power plug for your region above.

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